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The best work is produced through passionate collaboration and a rigorous commitment to excellence.  

Enjoy scrolling through selected projects I had the privilege to lead

Rochford Supply Strategic Planning & Brand Refresh 

With outdated branding and messaging creating a weak base for launching new national-quality brands and products, I led the leadership team through core statement development and strategic planning to ensure shared ownership of their identity and vision for the future (10, 3, and 1-year plan). I then led the creation and smooth rollout of updated brand identity, messaging, and collateral from digital marketing to package design.

CushionCraft Brand Creation & Launch

When poor foam product line organization and names were making it difficult for customers to find the best foam for their project, I was invited to facilitate the reorganization of the entire foam line, lead the creation of a new national-quality brand, develop clear product names and collateral, and execute a new brand launch. Foam soon rose to the #1 top selling category and caught the attention of JoAnn Fabrics which now carries the line.

AquaTop Brand Creation & Launch

With three underperforming marine fabrics with confusing names and poor competitor differentiation, I led the leadership team in defining differentiated positioning, creative-directed compelling national-quality branding, messaging, and collateral, and developed and executed a successful marketing launch including everything from sample fabric books to a landing page.

Rochford Catalog Redesign & Product Photography

Faced with the prospect of going to print with an outdated catalog, I creative-directed a total catalog redesign (170 pages) with updated branding and messaging, beautiful new product photos, and refreshed product categories and descriptions consistent with the company's e-commerce site.

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Curt does an extraordinary job...

As a result, I referred them to a long-time client. Curt and the team took the time to gain a thorough understanding of the clients' situation, needs, new strategy and direction. Only then did they recommend and build the tools required to help them reach their vision. Great work!"


Sr. Director of Philanthropy & Strategic Initiatives

Phoenix Society of Burn Survivors

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